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Hi, I'm Hamish a qualified marriage and civil union celebrant located in Arrowtown, a quaint little village outside Queenstown. Here's a little about me and how I got here.

I grew up in Central Southland on a large sheep and beef farm. After school I made my way to Lincoln University to study resource management but I also discovered the joys of hospitality. I went on to own and operate bars and restaurants in Christchurch, Wellington, then Auckland. These businesses led me to meet many people from all walks of life, both in my venues and adventures had around the world.

I have made my way back to the Queenstown area after convincing my now wife, to shift down from Auckland and settle here. Since arriving we have got married, established and sold a restaurant, and are now parents to two adorable children.

Selling all my hospitality businesses I knew I was going to miss the relationships I had built with people. Becoming a celebrant means I can utilize my personality and skills in making you, and your partner, comfortable and well looked after on your big day.

I have always had an active role in our family farm and continue to do so.  I enjoy the balance it provides and my son especially loves the opportunity to play on the farm. 

This is  me. This is my story. I would love to hear yours. 

Getting married is a mighty big commitment. It is you and your soul mate appreciating and loving the uniqueness of the other. So much so you want to make it official and legal. This makes every couple unique and consequently every ceremony should be unique. 

My role is to ensure you have a ceremony that is special to you as a couple, is entertaining and to ensure you are grinning, laughing, crying and very happy throughout your ceremony. 

My two kids and furry baby

My two kids and furry baby



services to you



Firstly congratulations on your engagement! I'd love to hear all about it, how you met and what your plans are for your future. I prefer to have these meetings in person, but in this day and age that is often quite challenging so we can email, phone & facetime until we meet in person. The better we know each other the better your ceremony will be. 

Writing & Presenting your ceremony

You are unique, your partner is unique, so together you are more so. In turn your ceremony celebrating your commitment should also be unique. I will create a ceremony that aligns with the two of you best so your story can be told. 

marriage License

I can help and assist you with this, but it is somewhat straight forward. The cost being $150. The link is here https://www.govt.nz/browse/family-and-whanau/getting-married/get-a-marriage-licence/#who-can-get-it 

Marriage Certificate

A $33 cost for plus any applicable courier costs. Then you will have official document stating what you said and did in front of your guests. 


A very useful piece of equipment when one is a little quiet and nervous or for speeches through out the night. Additional charges apply


There is a million and one readings that you can choose from. But again these do not need to be from the traditional stand point. Maybe they are lines from a movie or a song or some graffiti you came across in a foreign country together. Again it is your day, your choices. 


These are special, and the opportunity to write what your partner means to you. These can be a mix of traditional lines and your own. I am more than happy to assist you with writing these and to be honest I find this part very enjoyable

Marriage is not a noun, its a verb. It isn’t something you get. It’s something you do. It’s the way you love your partner every day
— Barbara De Angelis
A perfect marriage is just 2 people who refuse to give up on each other.
— Unknown

Waiting... Patiently...





Send me an email and tell me a little bit about yourselves. If your could also answer the following questions that would be perfect. And if you don't have the answers to these questions yet, well thats fine too.

What date is your proposed wedding/ceremony

Proposed location

What help you may require to get you to your big day